Incubation Program

Khoj Program aims at the newly minted ideas.
It has been developed to provide the proper moulding of the idea into a feasible business plan, capable to be a successful and profitable business proposition.
> Build Teams
> Develop an idea
> Dedicated and experienced trusted advisor and mentors
> Selection after 2 months of the intensive workshops for the creation of teams and ideas for next phase
> Timeframe: 3-6 months
Gurukul Program functions to build the company around the idea, which best suits its requirement, enhancing the chances of the idea realization.
> Pivot & understanding of scale
> Support for people if their ideas do not work by joining alumni startups as an early employee
> Continued mentoring for building MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
> Community events
> Timeframe: 9-12 months
Udaan Program exists to help the company scale up into different markets or an adjacent offering, helping to extend the roots of the company.
> Continued mentoring for scale
> Commercial support and introductions to potential customers
> Hiring through talent platform
> Signing MOU with public and private companies for implementation
> Timeframe: 6-9 months